Saturday, September 29, 2012

ARC Review: Enchanted by Starlight

by Tina L. Hook

Expected Release Date: October 16th 2012

Be careful what you wish for… Grace, Skylar and Alina are connected by destiny when an enchanted comet crosses the night sky. As their most secret ambitions ignite, their ordinary lives take a magical detour down a powerful but dangerous path.

Grace, emerging from her dejected childhood, develops the power to make men fall in love with her. Skylar leaves her impoverished past behind and pursues the social status she has always longed for. Without dreams of her own, Alina covets the power to unravel other lives and seeks revenge. As they crash into and slip away from each other in a cycle of envy, deception and love lost, these three women are forced to look deeper into their own hearts for the true meaning of enchantment.

My Rating: 3.5 /5

My Review:
I really liked the concept of this book. Three women who's lifes cross each other on different occasions all got a power they had chosen. The story starts the day before Graces wedding, its written in the POV of all three main characters and takes us back to where it all began for each of them to the big event. It is about the powers they chose and what they used them for and where i brought them. So we follow the lifes of Alina, Grace and Skylar from their late teens to their early 30s.

While the concept was great, I feel that it feel short on a few things in the execution.
There were times when the story was very jumpy and i had to go back and read some paragraph over several times because i sort of got lost.
There were also several faults that should be corrected in the editing, like getting the wrong names and spelling faults. This being an ARC i hope the editors will do a good job before the book get published though.

While the female MC's are quite well written, I found all the male MC's rather one dimensional and sketchy. I know it might be that Hook did it porously since they all are described from the females POV, but I honestly doubt it. I found myself wondering what happened to some of them actually, and felt at the end that I still had lots of unanswered questions.

Alina was my least favorite character, because her POV did at times confuse me. Even the last POV left me unclear and with questions. It has nothing to do with the fact that she was the 'villain' in the book, more that I think she could have been more dimensional, and better explained.
like I didn't understand if she was delusional or if some of the thing she said or saw were actually real.
Grace's POV had me right from the beginning, I felt most sympathetic towards her and I think she is actually written best. She felt the most like a real character. Her choices throughout out the books were the most heartwarming. Her wish at the end was wonderful and heartwrenching, and the sad thing was that I think she lost hope in all of this.
Skylar was the most interesting character in the entire book. She seemed the most superficial in the beginning and her character was revealed bit by bit. Her last choices and the way she handled her power in the end is in my opinion most amazing. She definitely ended up being my favorite character, because as the story went on one discovered that she has in all of this still a great heart and that she was the most loyal of friends and she recognized what they all had been doing and decided to move on. And I think she was the only one of the three of them who truly did.

The story is built up slowly and its written with different layers. Which I enjoyed. At the beginning I wasn't sure what to think of it all. Everything is happens slowly piece by piece and it was only about 75% into the book that I actually felt like I liked the concept. Until basically right to the end I wasn't sure where the story was going, which I found really refreshing. I really liked the end and to my surprise I did ponder on about the book and its implications afterwards. Because while I was reading it, I was never quite sure what I to think about it. Its a very subtly written book, and it sort of sneaks up on you, which is a wonderful surprise.

I was thinking about what I would choose as my wish. And while doing that I thought about the wishes of Alina, Skylar and Grace essentially they all acted out of envie interestingly enough. And I think all their choices came from what most girls think is most important for love. Which is extremely interesting and I think Hook shows great insight into the secret wishes of young women. I think that with time and honing of her skill Hook could be a great writter and this novel could be a really great book. I am definitely looking forward to see what she will write next.

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Thank you to Netgalley and T.L. Hook for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC.

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