Friday, December 7, 2012

End of 2012 Challenge

I was in the middle of making lists (I like them)
All kinds in fact, shopping lists, a to do list for today, project lists... and a list of reviews I need to write (its a really really long one!) then I wrote a list of the ARC's  I got to review.. and decided that I wanna finish all my books in my TR list by the end of the year.
Add to it a couple of Books of the Week each Friday and my challenge was born.
I wanna start 2013 with a clean slate.
So here are the details of my End of 2012 Challenge

Finish and review the following books (plus 2BotW that havent been verifed yet)

Starting tomorrow

 13books & 13 reviews by January 1 2013.

Wanna join me?
Let me know what you reading till the end of the year... or what challenges you set yourself to end 2012.

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