Thursday, March 7, 2013

Geek Wanderings

While talking to a friend about some of our travels, we realised that we both always seek out libraries and book shops. We ended up comparing notes on the places we both visited and soon the talk was all about libraries and book shops one has to visit.
Later when I was thinking about the conversation, it made me ponder over times I spent around books when far away. There is nothing quite the same as being surrounded by books and quietness. Browsing those places sometimes with no purpose at all, other than just the pleasure of looking at books, just floating and discovering randomly. (naturally being a geek girl, I adore research just as much). It's something I have done all over the world, and I feel I really connected to a place once I managed to seek out those book spots and found time to browse and gotten to know them.

This gave me the idea to ask my GR friends about their favorite book shops and libraries...
A little guide for geeks travels. Since as I discovered talking to my friend, that I am one of many who loves seeking out book places during their travels!
So, if you wanna do some geeky armchair traveling? Visit on Thursdays:
The Geeks Wanderings will be featuring a different book store or a library anywhere in the world.
Is there a book store or a library you think needs to be featured? Leave a comment so we can make arrangments!

The photo above is of the library in L├╝deritz, Namibia. Sadly it was closed when I was there. Still I did go and look for books, even in while traveling through the oldest desert in the world!

Next Thursday: Glamring's favorite book store

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