Monday, November 11, 2013

2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge

Due to the fact that I was really hectic this year, I have been super lacking when it comes to reviews. So I've been ponder how I could avoid that in 2014/
Doing the ARC challenge with Lexie @ Fastidious Reader and being nearly done with my GR reading challenge - I'm all into challenges... And to be frank I need this one. Lexie kindly pointed it out to me. (THANKS HUN!) and I jumped on the bandwagon!
It's hosted by Rachel @ Fiskun and Reanna @Phantasmic Reads. You got to aim for a number at the beginning of the year, post your Review links during the year and not only will those neglected Reviews be done you also get the chance a winning a price!
Check out the details and sign up here

I am aiming for 10-20 Reviews - Journey Man
(but i am hoping for Master)
I'm looking forward to tackling those challenges & Good luck to all participants!

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