Sunday, December 15, 2013

ARC Challenge Week 5

Lexie @Fastidious Reader and I had decided that we need to get a grip on our ARC load last week and decided that we will read two ARC and review them each week until the end of the year. Lexie decided her challenge will be at least one. I will try to go for the two. The reviewing part is a bigger challenge for me than the reading.
Are you int the same boat as Lex and I?  Join us!

While I have been reading, quite a few ARCs actually, I've been not very good at the review front due to hectic work schedules. So I am only posting now after missing two ARC-Challenge posts.

ARC Challenge Week 3-5
Books I've read and reviewed


I'm planning on reading Wicked after Midnight and The Almost Girl for the coming week.
If you wanna join us leave the links for your ARC reviews of this week here!


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  1. I have the same issue as you, Deniz. I read a lot but I fall behind with writing the reviews. I finished Masquerade and really enjoyed it but haven't reviewed it yet. I hope to it this week. :)



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