Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kiss & Tell

Kiss & Tell is our new Saturday feature.
We asking "bookish" people 10 slightly random questions. Because book lovers are fun people and we wanted to find out more about them.

The Questions:

1. Tell us 5 random fact very few people know about you?
2. What's the last book you read?
3. Coffee or Tea?
4. Who is your hero?
5.  What are your 5 favorite books and movies?
6. Who's your fictional crush?
7. Favorite Book Cover?
8. Favorite Colour?
9. Summer or Winter romance?
10.Top place to visit on your bucket list?

Navs and Deniz decided that we should really do them ourselves as well, so you all get to know us a little better
Here is the two girls doing their thing over whatsapp.

Den: Ok ready?
Qestion 1. Tell us 5 random facts few people know about you?

Nav: I just replied to your email lol

Den: Whaaaaat. Dude we doing this here

Nav: Wait.... let me copy &paste my answers
Hmmm..let's see...
Fact 1: I once aspired to be an astronaut but as I grew up, i realized how daunting a task that would be and became an engineer out of nowhere.
Fact 2: I can be very controlling
Fact 3: I get obsessed over everything.. Like seriously every little thing. It's unhealthy
Fact 4: I used to have long conversations with plants when I was a kid
Fact 5: I don't like talking to people face to face. I find it tiring.

Den: Good thing we whatsapping LOL

Nav: I can't have long fact to face converstations. It grows one sided. I only look at the other person and let them do the taking.

Den: Oh you got to meet me face to face! Let's see if I have the same effect!

Nav: What?

Den: LOL- I am social if I am n the mood.
Fact 1: As a child I had decided that I wanted to be a witch when I grew up, when I realised that couldn't , so I opted for pirate-- became an engineer instead
Fact 2:  both choices were inspired by books!

Nav : How is pirate from a book btw?

Den:Pipi Longstocking! Best BOOK ever! Lol
Fact 3: for some reason people tell me all their secrets
Fact 4: I'm really not linguistic but speak 5 languages, English is not my first language
Fact 5: I am actually shy

Nav: Your first language is..?

Den: Swiss :)

Nav: Ah okay

Den:  Ready for question 2?

Nav: Yes

Den: What's the last book you've read?

Nav: The way of kings by Brandon Sanderson. You?

Den: Uhm- wait gotta check GR lol
Am reading Ungifted by K.Oram atm

Nav: Wasn't it Greed?

Den: Oh yes! Greed by Fischer Amelie

Nav: You and lex were talking about it

Den: How do you know and I don't?!

Nav: Im just awesome like that

Den: Lmao! Yes you the most awesomest ever
Question 3
Coffee or tea?

Nav: ☺
Yours is coffee

Den: Yep! How did you know, miss awesomesauce?

Nav: This is the most obvious answer when it comes to you

Den: Guess I am transparent?
Fact nr 6 I do like tea as well lol

Nav: Haha i know you like tea but coffee is your first go to thing

Den: Question 4
Who is your hero?

Nav: My hero would be my mom and dad.

Den:Uhm I dunno!
 I am kinda jaded dude

Nav: Lmao. You gotta answer tho

Den: Can't I skip this one?
Ok it's people who do amazing things with whatever they have/been given.
Does that go? Or should I just say Britney Spears?

Nav: What ???
If we're talking about famous personalities, I think i would go with..Ummm...well i respect and appreciate a lot but don't have a hero

Den: See! Lol
In my life it would be O -God that's really cheesy
DH my hero

Nav: Haha
No it's not

Den: If anyone tells him I'll have to kill them lol

Nav: *shifty eyes*


Nav: You won't really kill your e-daughter. Now would you?

Den: Hmmm I can't promise
We might end up having that one sided face to face convo after all
Buuuut we both know you keep my secret
Ok shall we do Question 5?
What are your 5 favorite books or movies?

Nav: I can't do movies
Not a movie buff and im seriously drawing a blank
And 5 fave books was really hard but:
Froi of the Exiles
Fault in our stars
Catching fire
Golem & the Jinni
I feel like Im forgetting too many. Wbu?

Den: Oh you like fault in our stars?
I keep on meaning to read it but am worried I won't like it?

Nav: Why?
It does have its flaws but that story still gives me the feels
I don't remember crying like that ever for a book
I cried a lot reading Code name verity too but fault in our stars made me feel like I was dying. It was that good

Den:I don't know if I enjoy tear jerkers...I defo will give it a try. For the reading bingo

Nav: Yep please do
Buy the paperback.

Den: Of FioS? Ok

Nav: Yes. John green has a unique writing style

Den: Am on a budget saving money to go to BEA ... But I'll get my hero O to buy to for me ;);)

Nav: Haha yes

Den: Cool! Movies - you know how much I watch tv or movies - lol So I can think only of "
Dancer in the dark
Kill Bill
One more?
The breakfast club! There five lol

Nav: Lol!

Den: What? Lots of killing?

Nav: I have only watched Kill bill from your list

Den: Ohhh wait 300!!! I forgot 300!

Nav: Yes 300 was disturbing and epic

Den: Disturbing?! I adored that film

Nav: I love Tangled
Favorite movie of all times

Den: Tangled as in the Disney movie about Rapunzel?

Nav: Yep the Disney movie
I can watch it a million times

Den: Ok now I might divorce you! it ruined my favorite fairytale!

Nav: Lmao

Den: Rapunzel is a completely different story dude!

Nav: I didn't like the fairytale version lol

Den: Whaaaaat? That was my fave book when I was 3 or 4
Had the coooooolest illustrations and I decided I wanted hair to my knees

Nav: I love Eugene Fitzherbert

Den: Btw did I say le grand blue?

Nav: Haven't watched that either

Den: That movie might be older than you! Lol
It's a classic
I like E.Fitzherbert as well. We could put her as our Hollywood hero lol

Nav: Lmao yeah
I think my list of movies would compromise of all Disney movies.
So Im not going to answer.

Den:  Lol
Shall I list my books?
that's easier and more difficult

Nav: Yes!

Den:  Froi of the exiles

Nav: *does happy dance*

Den: The Lost Girl
A movable feast
Dude I have way more than 5!
Shall I just pick from the books I read in the last 2years?

Nav: Yes do that. Otherwise the list will keep growing

Den:  Ok forget Cheri and A movable feast then..
Froi of the exiles
The Lost Girl
The Sea of Tranquility
Lucky Fools
Night Angel series

Nav:  Series?
You can't mention series
One book

Den: Well why not? Lol! Not fair...But they published an omnibus version
Wait I'll check what's it called

Nav: There should b a separate question for favorite series lol
Name one book from that series!

Den: Ok the book is called the Night Angel Trilogy
 They published a book with all 3 in one :P

Nav: Lol ok

Den: Question 6?

Nav: Yep

Den: Who is your fictional crush?

Nav: Currently i don't have any

Den: I can't think of any of their names! Lmao!!!How's that?

Nav: But for the longest period of time I've had one on Adrian from vampire academy. Will from TID and Lucas from Easy

Den: Ooooh I love Lucas from easy! Loooove him

Nav: I don't know! I think Im growing up. Lmao

Den: Lol. Apparently I am not

Nav: Yeah he's a 10 on fictional characters. So name yours

Den: Absolutely!
Lucas is a 10!
What's the dude called in the Sea of Tranquility? I love him!

Nav: Ummm...
I don't remember

Den: Yeah me too - Wait

Nav: I don't remember the girl's name either
I think it started with N but her actual name was something else

Den: It's Josh!

Nav: Yes Josh
But wait then what was his best friend called?

Den: And her name *checks GR* Nastya
The bestie is Drew!
Ok Josh and Lucas for me
Oh and Greyson from Avery Shaw Experiment.
And Barrons, can't forget Barrons!
And many more

Nav: And many more to come

Den: Exactly lol
Question 7
Your favorite book cover

Nav: There are too many!

Den: Yeah

Nav: But I shortlisted Daughter of Smoke and Bones
 I love that cover
Lips touch three times is a close second

Den: Oh those are nice
I love The Golem and the Jinni - the version I have anyway. And The Chaos of Stars

Nav: Yeah so many pretty covers everywhere

Den: We should ask Lex that question. It'll be the book she is currently reading

Nav: Haha she would give you a never ending list!

Den: She could just point us to her GR read list hahaha

Nav: Yeah she's our groups cover slot

Den: Hahaha

Nav: Way to go phone.
My phone doesn't wanna be disrespectful lol

Den: You know I am gonna type this all up and post it this Saturday?

Nav: Whaaaaa....?

Den: Hahahaha actually is there a way to email the convo?

Nav: Omg you're gonna make me scroll through our entire convo!!
No there isn't

Den: Lol
Lots of work

Nav: Even if there was, and i knew of it, i wouldn't tell you

Den: Hahaha. Please?

Nav: I really don't know

Den: I just emailed it to myself. Fingers crossed it works lol

Nav: There are options on hangout and outlook chats but don't know about whatsapp
Really how?

Den:  In info

Nav: Oh found it
Lol that was easy
I feel dumb now

Den: Hahaha

Nav: Some engineers we are

Den: We worked it out dude!
Remember we awesome! And you are awesomest!

Nav: why thank you.You're quite awesome yourself
Yes i guess that just makes us lazy?

Den: Us?
I was gonna type it out- but if you offering go ahead type it out...

Nav: Yes "us"

Den: Lol "us" you watch and I type?

Nav: You're the procrastinator. You ought to be lazy

Den: I know! But I've been really useless at procrastinating lately!

Nav: Real life getting in the way again?

Den: Yeah RL sucks! Eats up all my reading time and prevents me from procrastinating

Nav: I feel your pain.
We're so easily distracted! Question 8!
Favorite color?

Den: Grey

Nav: Green.

Den: Question 9
Summer or winter romance?

Nav: Summer? I really don't have a favorite.You?

Den: Winter. Am a sucker for romance in the snow
 Last question!

Nav: Wooot! We made it!

Den: Nearly there
Top place to visit on your bucket list?

Nav: I wanna say all of Europe but if i had to choose only one, i just realized I'd go for Mansarovar
It's a holy place and like a mountain but i watched the video of a trip to mansarovar as a kid and I've wanted to go since then

Den: Oh nice! I dunno what to say
I want a around a world trip...

Nav: Me too!!

Den: So many places and the list keeps growing!

Nav: Yes! I really wanna go to bora bora islands
And cape town!
And Switzerland!

Den: Me too! Bora Bora not Cape Town or Switzerland - LOL

Nav: Haha yea

Den: Oh I wanna got to Crete! -that's Greece :) *fist bump*

Nav: If only someone would fund our trip

Den: I know!
*insert side note: IF anyone wants to sponsor a world trip for us, we are very happy to oblige*
Den: I am gonna say NEW YORK
Because that's where I wanna go next

Nav: You're going there this May!

Den: Hopefully - BEA!!!

Nav: Wow so we finished the questionnaire eh?

Den: Yep we done!
It only took us 1,5 hours lol
I was telling everyone it would take them 15min


Den: We hopeless girl! But we done! ;)

    So here you go Nav & Den's Q&A
    Next week : Kelly Oram
    Don't miss it!

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