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Review: Running Hot by HelenKay Dimon

Running Hot

Author: HelenKay Dimon
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Series: Bad Boys Undercover #0.5
Pages: Kindle Edition, 200 pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 16th 2014


HelenKay Dimon kicks off her hot new romantic suspense series, Bad Boys Undercover, featuring the fierce men of Alliance—and the only women capable of taming their hearts.

Camped out at a resort bar in Fiji, CIA operative Ward Bennett may look like he's on vacation but he's really deep undercover, hunting a dictator on the run. Ward may be on the job, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for the sexy female bartender. That is, until she drugs him.

When Tasha Gregory discovers the hottie on the barstool isn't who he pretends to be, her MI6 training kicks into gear, and she has no choice but to take him out. Problem is, Ward's not an easy man to put down for long. More than once, his interference almost blows her surveillance operation—and her ability to keep her heart to herself.

As the situation heats up, these two must decide whether they can trust one another—and quick. Working together might just make everyone safer, but getting close enough for comfort … might just get them killed.


Finally got around to readings this. Took me long enough to finish... I really need to stop starting a gazillion books.
So. First I have to say, I wish I would have liked this better. It does have potential. It could be good. But sadly I didn't. I got a few issues with it, in fact, I was so gonna DNF at 35%, but decided to just read another chapter, which thankfully I did. It got better quite a bit better.
Now after finishing, I keep reflecting on what I didn't like, trying to point out what would have made this a good read for me. But one of my biggest issues actually is I am not sure if I like the writing style.
Which is a huge issue for me. But also means it comes just down to taste. I mean, I know lots of people who are not really phased by the writing style (otherwise how could one read twilight?!) but for me it's really really important. Now this is not bad. It's not like another twilight experience. Nope, far from it, I just don't think it's fo me. It's more of a Nabokov case for me. It's good but not my kinda thing. I think at leasst. Cause I did enjoy some parts of it, others not so much.. Very undeceive I know. So let me just say, the writing style was not quite enjoyable.

The character building was a similar experience for me. The first 30% - just annoying. I mean can you say cliche, smartass douchbags? I found both MCs annoying with a capitol A, but not because they were being total asshats- both of them. Nope it was the dialogues that grated at me, oh add to that their thoughts. SO SO SO cliche. And very unfunny, though I assume they were supposed to be funny...

“Then there’s the part where she dropped you to the ground like a rag doll. You, a complete hardass with hundreds of thousands of dollars of training behind you.” Ford held out the wallet in front of Ward’s face. “That’s just sad, man.” Ward wanted to grab it. Would have if he could move his hands. “Did you miss the part where I said ‘fuck you’?” “It would be easier to take you seriously if you weren’t tied to a chair.”

Ny reaction to this: I wasn't sure if I was irritated or just unimpressed. - but it defo was not amusing. AT ALL
There is loads of smart-ass banter in this. And very little did amuse me. I just found it mostly disappointing.

Tasha is supposedly this hardass super spy. But for most of the book, she was just conceited and aggressive! Plus she came across a really dizzy

A WOMAN COULD only sit in a tree for so long before the whole thing got silly.

The small, lightweight binoculars were infrared and long range. She'd rater have a muffing but they did have a practical use.

TASHA DIDN'T DO wonky things. She'd been trained to handle dangerous and avoid dumb. What she wanted to do with Ward involved a lot of naughty, which made even entertaining it shockingly dumb.

I mean wonky things?! huh? She is supposedly hardass? I know she is British- but trust me, no one thinks wonky unless they .. dunno ... prude? AND that really doesn't go with the super-spy say it as it is persona she supposedly has. Beside did I mention her defensiveness?! OMG!? Like get off your horse woman and take that chip off your shoulder. Cause really?? WTF.
I get it's hard to prove yourself in a man's profession (been there), but the amount of issues she has, leads me to assume she agrees with all those jackasses. WELL, darling go grow a pair.
Ward was not much better, at first. He was so full of it. And yet, as the story went on I like him way more.
Though his Dude-banter with Ford. Just cringe. It's painful at times.
Then the action took over the story. Starting with some pretty yummy smut.
And suddenly all the characters were... way more normal, way more unique .. less action hero cliches. I actually liked them - all three of them. And I suddenly wanted to know what made them tick, I actually did care for them. The entire thing got way way way better.
The villain- uhm let's not go into it- just let me say, this: CLICHE caricature.
So I am totally undecided again. I did like parts and really didn't others.

Then I got a question- so they under cover peps. They supposedly are using aliases.. but they are refered to by the same names the entire time. So what is it? Aliases or not? Either way this kinda doesn't work. Why use their real names in an undercover op. And if one uses an alias, why not ever give a different name to each other- and more so to the reading. I mean how could the end be like that- BUT they still call each other at their alias?

The story line was actually my favorite thing. I love how Dimon just throws you in the deep end. And how the story unravels from there. I enjoyed the action, loved it actually. This is rather action packed.
But the end...I was taken aback. I felt it was rushed. It just got good. Then... it's three month later. The end.
The romance- what can I say? I am still undecided. Sorry. I know. I know.
But there are parts I loved about it. Then others not so much. I mean it's insta-everthing. So it was never gonna be my favorite. But there is potential, again when it just got interesting, it got resolved and the story was finished. Kinda sad. But that also means this left me wondering.

Should I read the next one in the series? I think I really want to... but I am a wee bit.. undecided.

2.5Stars wishing it would be more.


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