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Review: Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare

Do You Want to Start a Scandal

Author: Tessa Dare
Publisher: Avon
Series: Spindle Cove #5
Pages: Hardcover, 272 pages
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: September 27th 2016


On the night of the Parkhurst ball, someone had a scandalous tryst in the library.
•Was it Lord Canby, with the maid, on the divan?
•Or Miss Fairchild, with a rake, against the wall?
•Perhaps the butler did it.

All Charlotte Highwood knows is this: it wasn’t her. But rumors to the contrary are buzzing. Unless she can discover the lovers’ true identity, she’ll be forced to marry Piers Brandon, Lord Granville—the coldest, most arrogantly handsome gentleman she’s ever had the misfortune to embrace. When it comes to emotion, the man hasn’t got a clue.

But as they set about finding the mystery lovers, Piers reveals a few secrets of his own. The oh-so-proper marquess can pick locks, land punches, tease with sly wit … and melt a woman’s knees with a single kiss. The only thing he guards more fiercely than Charlotte’s safety is the truth about his dark past.

Their passion is intense. The danger is real. Soon Charlotte’s feeling torn. Will she risk all to prove her innocence? Or surrender it to a man who’s sworn to never love?


This was exactly what I wanted it to be!
Cute, hotilicous and swoony. Perfect historical.

I love Tessa Dare. She is one of my favorite historical romance authors. In fact she is one of the reasons I even read historical romance. I kinda stumbled over one of her books in the library and decided to give it a try. And quite enjoyed it. Ever since I periodically indulge in the genre. Dare is still one of the few authors who's books I will read, regardless. I don't care about the summary or cover or anything else, if it's written by her, I totally will give it a go.
When I requested Do You Want To Start a Scandal, I thought for some reason it was part of the Castles Ever After Series, which is my favorite series of Dare so far. So I kinda just requested it, no questions asked. (I saw later that it was wrongly marked in Edelweiss) But honestly, I saw her name and that was it anyway. I should mention in my defence: I did read the summary, and I liked it as well.

And after reading it, I am beyond pleased to have gotten a review copy. I am just wondering why it took me so long to pick it up..
As I mentioned right up front. I got everything I wanted and more.

Dare's is queen of slightly different female characters and broody hot heros. And just like always we get both. I love Charlotte. Her ideas, her way of looking at the world, her loyalty and her big heart.
She is a genuinely sweet person, who is not as experienced and clued up as she likes to think, but she is tenacious and endearing and brave. I absolutely love that she is uber-messy. LOL. Just one little example how Dare creates unique characters. But she has plenty of flaws- she is stubborn to a fault and has quite a few insecurities.
Piers is the typical broody alpha who has great ideas of how to work thing out, but no idea about love. He is protective and sweet. He has his own issues as well.
As we get to know them both better, we get to understand where they coming from. Both do step up and embrace change and yet stay true to themselves. (A common theme in Dare's books, one I really like)
The chemistry between them is palpable. BUT I love their sparing of minds the most. Their witty exchanges and teasing. Just swoony.
I love how Dare somehow redeemed the awful mother. She was, I am afraid to say, the worst ever- throughout the entire series. But somehow we get to see why she is the way she is and more than that we get to see the love she has for her daughters.
Then there is Edmund. Brilliant little brat. LOL. Just thinking of tidbits like that, make me still smile
I think Dare did a fabulous job at the character building in this one. The MCs are multifaceted and deep people and so is the guest cast. Each one of them managed to surprise me somehow. The entire cast has some odd little idiosyncrasies that make them feel real.

Though this is completely character driven, we get a nice glimpse of the period. Totally fictional story, yet it is quite accurate historically. Another thing I like about Dare's books.

The writing is clever, beautiful, sensual and insightful. Which is besides the brilliant character building why I adore Dare so much. I have come to expect nothing less from her.

The storyline is absolutely enticing. I loved every little twist and turn. The romance super predictable and yet so swoony, it left me grinning like a fool. I loved the mystery and even more the unveiling of it. In one word: FAB!

So here I am totally fangirling. In awe of Dare's cleverness and writing prowess. And all I can tell you is: READ IT. If you have never read a historical romance. This is a good one to start with.
While it is part of a series, it works as a stand alone. If you are OCD about reading order (unlike me who read this series completely out of order) just read the series, it's worth it. It's full of swoony moment, clever strong heroines and hot broody males.


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