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Review: Snowbound at Christmas

Snowbound at Christmas

Author: Jennifer Ryan, Maisey Yates, Lia Riley
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Series: Montana Men #5.5, Brightwater #3.5, Copper Ridge: Novellas #4
Pages: ebook, 384 pages
Genre: Romance
Release Date: November 15th 2016


When a snowstorm pummels the western half of the country, three couples find once off-limits love just in time for Christmas. An unforgettable holiday anthology from bestselling authors Jennifer Ryan, Maisey Yates, and Lia Riley.

Close to Perfect: A Montana Men Novella by Jennifer Ryan

At sixteen, Abigail gave Dex the gift of a lifetime, but the cost of it was more than he ever knew. Now she s back in town with a secret that has been ten years in the making and this time it s Dex s turn to make the ultimate sacrifice or risk losing her forever.

Snowed in at Copper Ridge: A Copper Ridge Novella by Maisey Yates

Mia Landry has always had it bad for brooding cowboy Devlin Grayson. Too bad he s her best friend s older brother. But when they find themselves snowed in at Copper Ridge Lodge, Mia finally has the chance to tell the man of her dreams exactly what she wants him.

Hot Winter s Night: A Brightwater Novella by Lia Riley

While Brightwater is being covered in snow, Goldie Flint is stuck in her flower shop. She never expected her hero to be Kit Kane, the former love of her life. Kit knows that what he had with Goldie isn t just in the past and with the help of a little bet, an ornery grandmother, and a lot of snow, he s ready to show her that what he really wants for Christmas is a second chance.


A holiday romance collection, where all three stories are based around a couple that ends up stuck in a snow storm?
So my kinda thing.
I love snowy romances. That's no secret.
But I have to confess: I really like holiday novellas. Don't ask me why, I just really do. The setting is just swoony and perfect and maybe its because I met my husband around then? Color me nostalgic, but it works for me. Especially if it's a novella.
Snowbound at Christmas feature three stories. They all part of a cowboy series, but all work as a standalone:

Close to Perfect: A Montana Men Novella by Jennifer Ryan

I haven't read a book by Ryan before so this is my first of her and the series.
I liked the writing style.
The plot was sweet. A tad too sweet for me at times. But also too dramatic. But all in all I enjoyed it
The character building left me divided. I liked the MCs. Love Dex.
But to be frank the entire female cast was a bit too over the top. Too bitchy, too sweet you name it, it's all there. Frankly I didn't mind so much with Abby, but Libby... meh.
Couple the female over the top characters with the plot then it's just simply too much for me.

Hot Winter's Night: A Brightwater Novella by Lia Riley

So honestly the reason I requested this ARC? Lia Riley. I would read anything she puts her name on.
And then there is the whole winter/snowy romance thing, I am a sucker for that. But I would have requested anything....
I was happily grinning, all swoony after reading Hot Winter's Night. It is exactly what I want in a snowy cute & fluffy. Kit is a hotilicous, caring go getter and I really like Goldie as well. Her feistines, her want to success and overcome. Both of them are fighters, yet couldn't find what their way to each other. Starcrossed lovers, perfectly done. The twist a the end? Just bloody brilliant. Because I guessed a few things, but not THAT.
Great characters, swoony setting and fun storyline make this a perfect holiday novella.
Short and sweet, maybe too short? I was left wanting more Breakwater goodness, which makes me think, I haven't read them all have I? *runs to check her GR account*

Snowed in at Copper Ridge: A Copper Ridge Novella by Maisey Yates

Another first for me. But definitely will be reading more by Yates.
This was just swoony hotilcious holidays cute & fluffy.
I totally adore all the characters, love the way the story was told and honestly can't wait to get my hands on more stories about them. There will be more about them, right? I mean I fell in love with the Graysons...
4 Stars 

While the first didn't really work for me. I did enjoy reading the book. Which is why I am going to round it up to 4 Stars. It's a lovely collection of cute&fluffies and just was what I wanted from this.

A must read for lovers of the genres and a great introduction to the authors and series.


ARC was provided by Publishers through Edelweiss exchange for an honest review

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