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Reviews: Nocturne Falls Universe May 2017 Part 2

Kristen Painter has extended the Nocturne Falls Universe and got a bunch of authors to write novellas. I think they are a must read for fans of the Universe. And also a great way to discover new author- or at least to me they were mostly new authors.
The first batch of releases were in January 2017. The second in now (in May 2017).

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Invasion of the Alien Snatchers

Author: Fiona Roarke
Publisher: Sugar Skull Books
Series: Nocturne Falls Universe
Pages: Kindle Edition, 110 pages
Genre: PNR
Release Date: May 23rd 2017


Pilot. Guard. Prisoner.

All three are crashed in the Georgia woods, lost on a world where extraterrestrials are the stuff of science fiction. Blending into the human world is doable, if dangerous. But what if the locals are far from human themselves, with secrets of their own?

Deliver his wayward brother to the galactic gulag two galaxies away. Stop along the way at the hidden colony on Earth. Find the woman who had been electrifying his thoughts for two years. Crashing in rural Georgia near an odd little town and being taken prisoner was not part of Riker Phoenix’s plan.

Warrior woman Elise Midori ran a galaxy away from Alpha-Prime to escape the man she loved, but could never have. Her new life with the Alpha colony hiding in plain sight from the humans in Alienn, Arkansas, is challenging and satisfying. The mission seems simple enough when her retrieval team is called on to rescue the three occupants of a downed prisoner transport near Nocturne Falls.

She didn’t count on the prophecy-obsessed Druids. And she most definitely didn’t count on seeing a certain sexy lawman again.


Invasion of the Alien Snatchers is Roarke's second novella set in Nocturne Falls Universe.
It's somewhat a continuation of her previous story: Close Encounters of the Alien Kind
Sadly this didn't work for me, again. I am not quite sure what it is. The writing style alright, not exactly my style, but good.
I like the idea of the alien invasion of Nocturne Falls. But practically, I feel like the world building is a tad choppy and more than that I don't much enjoy the romance or background stories.
It definitely an "It's not you, it's me"kinda situation, which is rather regrettable.
Alas I would advise people to give it a try, since this is just a personal preference kind of a thing.


⎯⎯ ⎯ ⎯⎯

The Falcon Finds His Mate

Author: Candace Colt
Publisher: Sugar Skull Books
Series: Nocturne Falls Universe
Pages: Kindle Edition, 154 pages
Genre: PNR
Release Date: May 23rd 2017

After her dream job shatters like Humpty's shell, psychic Jess Callahan returns home to Nocturne Falls to put her life back together and get her career back on track. Left heartbroken years ago by a shifter, Jess keeps anything or anyone supernatural at arm's distance; even turning her back on her gift.

His career skyrocketing, falcon shifter Ryan Ford's life is just where he wants it. When the darkly handsome Ryan realizes that the one thing missing from his quiet, stay-to-himself world is the feisty red-haired Jess, he decides she'd be his perfect mate.

When Jess finally opens her heart to Ryan, she also opens her clairvoyant channel. But will their love survive her catastrophic vision?


Loved this one!!
It fits right into NFU.
Loved the world building. Again, it fits right in there. In fact it feels like Colt picked Painters brain...
Same could be said about the writing style.
The storyline is your swoony PNR with a dash of serious character building. Which makes this a perfect sweet & fluffy coffee-break read. Let me warn you, if you read slow though, you might end up taking a bit of a long coffee break- it's difficult to put down.


⎯⎯ ⎯ ⎯⎯

The Fortuneteller's Folly

Author: Wynter Daniels
Publisher: Sugar Skull Books
Series: Nocturne Falls Universe
Pages: Kindle Edition, 123 pages
Genre: PNR
Release Date: May 23rd 2017

Palm reader Darcy Kumar is cursed. She’ll be dead within a year, so why bother with love? After a brush with death she resolves not to squander what little time she has left. So when sexy firefighter Aiden Becker asks her out, she accepts. As long as she doesn’t have a child, the curse will end with her demise.

A Kachina healer and the last of his line, Aiden is compelled to pass along his gift to future generations. He doesn’t believe in the curse that Darcy thinks will finish her, but he has second thoughts after she has several close calls. He starts suspecting that her near misses aren't accidents at all.

When they enlist the help of a powerful local witch, they learn there are even more sinister forces at work than just a curse. Someone’s gunning for Darcy. Will they find out who before it’s too late?


The Fortuneteller's Folly is actually quite well written and fit's quite smoothly into the series.
But it simply isn't for me. It was way too insta for my taste. I mean I am not a huge fan of insta, but this is like the insta of the insta. Everything happens in a matter of 3days... which is quite fast to say the least.
The end felt super rushed. It was like Daniels, needed to just finish the story quick quick and be done with it.
The story line simply didn't quite work for me. Or maybe it was more the pacing of it?

There are some good ideas in here, I like the world building. In fact it was my favorite part of the novella.

At the beginning I found myself not caring for the characters at all, but towards the end I did find myself interested in their wellbeing and felt like I got to know them a little. Not the strongest character building, though given that this is a novella, it's to be expected.

Sadly not quite my cup of tea. I do however have to stress the insta-love match is what was my biggest issue, which for a lot of people will be a complete non-issue


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