Wednesday, July 18, 2018

ARC Review: Better Together by Crista McHugh

Better Together

Author: Crista McHugh
Series: One Fond Embrace #1
Pages: Kindle Edition, 168 pages
Genre: Romance
Release Date: August 20th 2018


Hawaiian rancher Alex Kahale needs a temporary wife to close a deal that’s vital to the welfare of his herd. Thankfully, he’s already married to a woman stole his heart in less than a week, even if that same wife filed for divorce a few days after they said their “I dos.”

Rising country music star Britney Moore had a wild fling with a cowboy in Las Vegas a year ago which ended in a drunken drive-through marriage. Once she returned to Nashville, she filed for divorce to save her squeaky clean image. Besides, spontaneous marriages never last, and she knows better than to risk her heart on Alex. But no matter how many requests she sends him, he refuses to sign the papers. Then he sends her an intriguing offer. Come to his ranch on Kauai and pretend to be his wife for two weeks for business purposes, and he’ll sign the papers.

As much as Britney tries to resist his charm, Alex manages to tear down her defenses one by one until she falls for him all over again. But when the press finds out about her secret husband, will their revived romance be killed by the tablo


3 Stars or 3.5Stars? hmm, I will still ponder on the rating.

Let's just look at what I liked and didn't like first.

So I have read several books by McHugh, so it's kinda clear I like her writing style. Better together had many beautifully written moments, which just reaffirmed my love for her prose.

The storyline is... well, honestly, kinda a little bit different and a lot of cute & fluffy. But in all fairness, this is a cute & fluffy. Which I really enjoyed, I wasn't looking for some deep mystery or beyond shocking twists. It kept me entertained, made me smile and even a little swoony. It's a fast and sweet read, perfect for a summer afternoon.

I loved the setting. I love all of Alex's clique. They are an awesome support cast and the heart of this novel. Hawaii is really high on my bucket list and while I was reading Better Together, I started thinking maybe we should move there! Mountains, Oceans, lots of green and nice people? Totally my vibe! ;)
But seriously McHugh made me totally fall in love with Kauai. Her descriptions felt real and gave me a taste of the place. I would love to know what locals think of this! The sense of beauty and belonging, loving your roots- something that made my nomad heart ponder very much, yet did speak to it- is beautifully conveyed.
Alex is swoony. I love love love him. (I am calling dips, just saying!)

The scenes where Britney plays her music are inspiring. And Alex'love for his island and his Ohana is infectious and inspirational.

Now my issues.
My biggest issue was Britney. I mean I got why she was doing what she was doing. I got why she wanted those papers.. but the whole, okay just one little bit, a bit of flirting here and a whole lot of freakn rejection there, it was grating on me. She was complaining when Alex kept her distance, yet she didn't want to be close to him. She ran so hot and cold all the time, I just got beyond annoyed.
The other issue I had was actually Alex. I mean I do love him. Really I love love love him. But- yes there is always one of those. But, his chip was, well, I didn't get it. I mean I did but it didn't resonate with me. Or maybe it just felt a bit too thick layed on. I am not sure. But around halfway in I did feel, those two should just get the messages. His constant need to change her mind was too much. He kept saying, cool I am letting go, then she as much as batted her lashed and he was, let me try do this, so she will change her mind. The pull and push felt childish and was annoying. Until it wasn't. I have to admit I was naturally rooting for them, and when they both finally let go of their stubborn on mind track, I totally swooned.
I love that Alex sorted stuff in the end, and naturally, I love that the gang was there supporting him.

So a few bits that I found exasperating but mostly a sweet romance and beautiful moments.
Very enjoyable, a book that takes you to your own island!
So a solid 3.5 twinkly Stars


ARC was provided by Publishers through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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