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ARC Review: Ablaze by Morgan Black

Ablaze by Morgan Black

Publisher: Mark My Words Book Publicity
Series: Fireside Series #1
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Release Date: January 17, 2014
*This book is not suitable for readers under the age of 18* 

What if love was like gasoline? Light a match and become engulfed in it's flame.

Cheyenne is attempting to run into the arm’s of her betrothed Collin, when fate intervenes and she becomes trapped at her family’s cabin with another man. Luke, a ranch hand at her father’s farm, makes her heart race. When the lights go out, she finds herself falling into his arms, and into his bed.

This is a serialized set of erotic romance titles. Ablaze is the first installment and it is novella length



I have a confession to make: I was a total cover slut when I requested this one on Netgalley. I know; shocking! I blame it on the flu! I was momentarily impaired by flu attack.
Well, seriously. I did like the cover. Its HAWT, which is not why I requested it, but why I did read the blurb.

This is the first of a serial. And I kinda like the idea of serials. It reminds me of Dumas, since it was his way of publishing his books. But this was definitely way too short.
If we talking novella? This should have at least17500words,  for some reason I doubt it has half. We talking not more than 50pgs - at best.
And this is one of my biggest issue actually. It felt rushed.  It barely started, then there was smut, and poof it was over.
I didn't expect this to have a finished storyline. But this was way to quick for me. Considering that this is supposed to add up to a book... If it were a book it would be totally on the borderline of becoming a DNF at the moment.
In such a short time there is little character building that can happen. But seriously I am not sure I care for Cheyenne. She is rather melodramatic and seem really imature.
The writing style was really not my cup or tea. And here lies the true problem. It felt scripted. Sound weird saying it about a book, I know. But this is supposed to be written from Cheyenne's POV, its written in direct narrative, yet she says things like;

"His gray eyes searched my body and his hands curved around my voluptuous breasts. "

who speaks like that about their breasts?!  sorry, no one i know does.

Then we come to the whole romance thing. In my opinion this is not just insta -everything; love, lust, you name it - but there is no chemistry. Now we all know how keen I am on insta-love.. so let's just not go there.

"I had made my decision. My previous innocent crush for Luke had turned into a severe lust that I couldn't control any longer."

Just one example of the odd insta thing thats going on.

But Luke is just sketchy at best and Cheyenne is really needy, I didn't feel any chemistry between them, the smut honestly made me crinch.
Will I read the next installment? well, I might give it a try. Because I do like the cover and I like the idea of the serial. Plus I have hopes that it might get better?

I think this is a fun little serial for serious romance lovers, people who don't mind any of the above mentioned.

ARC was provided by Publishers through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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