Thursday, August 16, 2018

Review: Pestilence by Laura Thalassa


Author: Laura Thalassa
Series: The Four Horsemen #1
Pages: ebook, 382 pages
Genre: Dystopia
Release Date: Published March 20th 2018


They came to earth—Pestilence, War, Famine, Death—four horsemen riding their screaming steeds, racing to the corners of the world. Four horsemen with the power to destroy all of humanity. They came to earth, and they came to end us all.

When Pestilence comes for Sara Burn’s town, one thing is certain: everyone she knows and loves is marked for death. Unless, of course, the angelic-looking horseman is stopped, which is exactly what Sara has in mind when she shoots the unholy beast off his steed.

Too bad no one told her Pestilence can’t be killed.

Now the horseman, very much alive and very pissed off, has taken her prisoner, and he’s eager to make her suffer. Only, the longer she’s with him, the more uncertain she is about his true feelings towards her … and hers towards him.

And now, well, Sara might still be able to save the world, but in order to do so, she'll have to sacrifice her heart in the process


Pestilence is surprising in so many ways, that it left me in awe of Thalassa.

But before I even delf into the storyline, character building or writing style let's just take a moment and look at the cover.

Yeah. Exactly.
I'll give you another minute.

How gorg?
And that's all I shall say to it.

Well, except.
It is definitely the reason I looked at the summery and a huge portion why I decided to give this a try.
I thought this can only go two ways, it's either okay or really terrible.
And here is the first surprise of many. This is definitely more than okay. It is, in fact, a beautifully told dark story, that in some ways is so wrong, yet it is so right.

Pestilence is in many ways your adult fairytale. The kind that reminds me of the old slightly gruesome Grim's tales. Beautifully told, with plenty of gore and injustice, yet it leaves you all fuzzy and happy at the end. (and in this case some smut, hence adult)

I adore Thalassa's writing style. Her descriptions are beautiful, she sets a perfect pace, gets away with pushing boundaries, because she does it with subtlety and finesse.
This is the first book I read by her, I did check out her other books and there seems to be a common theme with them: they all look like dark beauties. I shall definitely read more by her.

The storyline. Sigh. so gruesome so heartbreaking and yet so beautiful. This is your total slow burn romance- no insta at all. It is borderline Stockholm syndrome as well. I totally adore it. Yet the end left me a bit eh. I don't exactly know why but somehow I felt a bit, dunno kinda what that's it? Well, except the last, last bit. Looking forward to the next book

The character building is probably my favourite part of the book. It's so subtly done, with so much finesse. I fell totally and utterly in love with both MCs. My heart broke for both of them, I was beyond touched by their slowly growing love.

The world building is gruesome perfection. In a case of Pestilence coming, that's exactly what I would expect. Freakn well done!

And then there are the ethical implications, the reasons for being, again the bordering Stockholm syndrome.. Thalassa didn't just do a cute & fluffy. She threw in quite a few existential philosophical thoughts as well. Some are simply implied, are like faith, others are starkly put out there, like how much can you accept from your lover, where is your ethic line you going to draw. Or even what is really wrong or right? What is mercy? Quite amazing and astounding that Thalassa managed to pack all this in a beautifully written love story actually.

I didn't expect this at all. I expected some cute and fluffy steamy kinda book with a gorgeous cover. Instead, I got so much more. Great world building, amazing character building and masterful storytelling make this one of my favourites book of 2018.
Can't wait for the next instalment.


Reviewed by Deniz

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Review: Accidentally in Love with the Pilot by Teri Anne Stanley

Accidentally in Love with the Pilot

Author: Teri Anne Stanley
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Pages: Kindle Edition, 197 pages
Genre: Romance
Release Date: August 13th 2018


Fighter pilot Ben Rutledge loves his solitude. Which means spending a month of leave in overcrowded, over-glitzy Las Vegas isn’t up his alley, especially after his friend ditches him. His first inclination is to bow out, and quickly. Instead, he finds himself sharing drinks—and a whole lot more—with a sexy woman celebrating her birthday. After all, it’s just one night, and he can go back to his quiet life tomorrow.

Megan Shuttlekrump doesn’t have time for a boyfriend, much less a husband. But a night of celebratory drinks with a handsome stranger ends with a ring on her finger—and no memory of how it got there. Her new “husband” is over the top hot, but he’ll be out of her life once his leave is over. As long as they can find out which of the thousand or so chapels in Vegas married them…


Accidentally in Love with the Pilot looks like a cute & fluffy, sounds like one as well.
And it does deliver exactly what the package says. Light-hearted cute & fluffy.
It's basically a what you see is what you get.

So on those bases, I got exactly what I was feeling for.

It is completely predictable. I mean completely and utterly. No surprises at all. Even the grand gesture. But I didn't care. Because it was sweet, funny fluff. It made me feel all sweet and fuzzy. Which is frankly why I read these kinds of books.
Though predictable, it's a fun storyline. For some reason, it reminded me of the old school romcom movies a la Doris Day, just with a dash of shmexy thrown it.
The only small thing I was a bit taken aback was the last announcement. I mean, I knew Stanley will throw that in, but I think the number was a bit, well over the top? Though it was for the last line clearly, which is funny. But I felt it drove home the kinda caricature aspects that surfaced during the book. I would have liked one less, in fact preferably two less.

The two MCs were both interesting. Both being introverts to some extent. Both being at times plagued by the same insecurities. I love Ben, even when he was a bit too perfect.
Their assumptions about each other, grated on me. They were both pretty presumptive and worse they never actually talked about it. EVER. I kept thinking, just talk to each other, problem solved. But noooo, we rather assume and be worried.
The supporting cast was quirky and funny. A bit over the top, to be honest, they very over the top. I mean even his family was eccentric, it felt a bit much. But I do like them.
Though Stanley does add a few issues the MCs struggle with, which made the MCs feel more real, it still is super lighthearted.
If you looking for deep character building. This ain't your book. If you feel like endearing characters who grapple with finding some love, then you at the right place.

So basically, it's nothing hugely suprising, nothing heavy.
As I said, what I see is what you get.
In fact, I am sure it isnt very memorable.
The writing style is not amazing, but it's not terrible either. Dialogues are fun and witty but not ingeniousnius or inventive.  The characters are quirky but have not much depth to them. The story line is sweet but predictable...
Honestly this probably should be 2.5 Stars, however, I did feel like exactly this kind of book so I am rounding it up. *shrugs* I know totally subjective, but I couldn't care less. I am feeling all pink and fuzzy atm. (thanks to reading this)

Accidentally in Love with the Pilot is a perfect lazy afternoon read.
It's lighthearted, sweet and leaves you smiling.
Cute & fluffy happiness which will leave you pink and fuzzy.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Review: Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes

Immortal Reign

Author: Morgan Rhodes
Publisher: Razorbill
Series: Falling Kingdoms #6
Pages: Hardcover, 391 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: February 6th 2018


As two lethal elemental gods set out to destroy Mytica, sworn enemies must become allies in the final fight to save the kingdoms.

Jonas continues to willfully defy his destiny, but the consequences of plotting his own course are drastic. As the fight for Mytica rages on, he must decide just how much more he's willing to sacrifice.

Lucia knows there's something special about her daughter and she'll do anything to protect her, even if that means facing Kyan alone.

Amara is called back home to Kraeshia. Grandma Cortas has her own plans for Mytica's future. She promises Amara power, revenge, and dominance if she agrees to be part of her scheme.

Magnus and Cleo's love will be put to the ultimate test. Dark magic is causing widespread destruction throughout the kingdom. Enemies across the sea are advancing. And unrest is stirring throughout the land. Is their love strong enough to withstand the outside forces tearing them apart?


Meh. I guess it had more of a dramatic flare than real substance to it? I mean, it's the end of the world and the elementals will be free and would end the human race in Mytica and yada yada yada but there wasn't a single moment when I felt like a character was in peril ya'know? I was anxious for the Magnus and Cleo reunion at first but as soon as that was out of the way there just wasn't anything that made me even want to grab the edge of my seat. It wasn't predictable or slow, it just wasn't intense enough for a finale. The multiple POVs weren't a problem for me (even though they were cumbersome) which is a shocker cause I'm not usually a fan (and there were soo many *rolls eyes*) but I think Rhodes handled it well enough.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it's not a bad book but it's definitely not a great finale. I expect the last book in a series to be the best and this one tried to stand out, had the plot set right, the whole "world's ending" storyline in just doesn't manage to deliver what it promised.

Disappointed 2.5 stars.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Review: Two Wedding Crashers by Meghan Quinn

Two Wedding Crashers

Author: Meghan Quinn
Series: Dating by Numbers #2
Pages: ebook, 372 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 11th 2018


I don’t know what love is anymore.

Well, that’s not entirely true, but I’m going to tell you a little secret: I’ve lost the spark.

You know the kind of spark I’m talking about?

Where butterflies take flight in your stomach from two hands innocently colliding. Or catching your breath when you first meet someone attractive. Yeah, that spark.

Except I haven't felt that feeling in forever; there is nothing left inside of me.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem--but I’m a writer on a serious deadline, and my editor is breathing down my neck for a romantic, Nicholas Sparks type love story. No pressure, right?

That's how I find myself flying across the country to crash a wedding in the name of research, dress and heels stuffed into my small suitcase.

It should be the easiest book research ever. Drinking some free champagne, basking in the love of two strangers, and tapping into my romantic side. That will be a breeze. I'm a pro. I can handle this.

Until I mistakenly end up in the wrong hotel room, naked as the day I was born, with the sexiest human I have ever met staring me down, wondering what I'm doing taking a shower in his bathroom. I don't think calling it research will get me out of this pickle.

But it will make for one hell of a story....


So it took forever and ever to read this.
Due to two reasons actually: I was reading a few books at the same time, do be exact *looks around and whispers* six. Yeah, not a proud moment there. Alas, I am slowly working on my CR list and am as of now down to two now! One NF & one cute&fluffy, like normal people. But I digress, second: It took me nearly half the book to get into it.
I mean it was funny and had its moments. But somehow though I trust that Beck is smexy and all that, I didn't see the pull. Then the wedding happened. And well, I was a goner.
I am suddenly totally in Camp Beck.

The storyline is fun, to a degree slow burn just like usual Quinn goodness and has some interesting twists.
The whole secretive about the past thing was taken to a whole new level. I mean I guessed at most of Becks past- btw I was a bit disappointed by how ..normal? .. it was. I kinda expected more extravagance. Don't ask me why. This is way more realistic and relatable, but I was feeling a bit deflated and thought, that's all. No fame no riches no... then I put the book down for a bit and thought to myself, is this where you at these days? You want your cute and fluffies to become cute and ridiculous? This is big enough as it is, there is some serious sh*t there and fame or money doesn't change that. So I actually like that aspect now. It is realistic and I like how Beck deals with it.

The character building is brilliant. I love the supporting cast. I mean I love them with a capital L. Seriously such vivid, quirky and funny cast. I want to be part of their squad.
Then there is Beck. INSERT; *LEsigh*. I think he has become one of my favourite characters by Quinn. He is in one word amazing. swoony.
okay that's two. I actually could add a whole litany of them.
I am firmly in camp Beck.
This is interesting because after reading Three Blind Dates I wasn't that interested in Beck.
I know a lot of people were totally taken by him. Me, not so much. Sure he was smexy and all alpha hotness. I know there was a brooding side to him and some big secrets. But he wasn't enticing to me. I thought it's just physical attraction. He is your usual bad boy hottie, who will be reformed... and I was proven wrong.
The slow unfolding of his past & his demons, seeing him have fun not taking himself too seriously and yet being steadfast with what's important to him? What amazing character building!
Yep as I said swoony, awesome and sigh.
Rylee, well I like her. But frankly, at times, she was too ditzy for my taste.
Her hide and run attitude kinda made me super frustrated, especially towards the end. It didn't feel stubborn, it felt childish.

This book made me laugh a lot. It is so much fun. I mean I literally laughed out loud. I was giddy with anticipation for most of the second half.
Well written, cute and swoony.
Oooooh and not to forget: BABY RED PANDAS!

So now I just have one question will we get books for the 4 Knightly brothers too?


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Release Day Blitz: Inticing A Riot by Karen Renee

It’s the release blitz for Karen Renee’s INCITING A RIOT. Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Title: Inciting a Riot
Author: Karen Renee
Genre: Contemporary Romance


About Inciting a Riot:

Cary “Vamp” Sullivan earned his Riot MC patch and shoved Lorraine Francis Ingram out of his life six years ago by cheating on her. He’s regretted it ever since because he knew she was a top-notch woman. After mentioning his regrets to his brother, Cal, Vamp suddenly finds himself faced with an opportunity to win Lorraine back. When he runs into her unexpectedly and finds out she has been beaten at the hands of a man, Vamp and his Riot MC Brothers are determined to protect her. Vamp is determined to get her back in his life, and he knows it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Lorraine insists that if any Riot MC Brother is going to protect her, it cannot be Vamp. She gets no promises from the Riot MC, and she finds herself with Vamp at her doorstep. She’s determined there will be no second chances, but her resolve is weakened because Vamp isn’t playing fair, he’s fighting…fighting to win her over.

Once she and Vamp are reunited again, they realize there is a very real threat to them both. Lorraine and Vamp are put to the test to rekindle their long-lost love and stay alive.

Get Your Copy Today!
Amazon US | Amazon Canada | Amazon Australia | BN | Kobo | Smashwords | iBooks

Exclusive Excerpt:

“You gonna sleep like that, doll? Or will you make some room for me?” Vamp asked.

I opened my uninjured eye to give him a look. I shouldn’t have looked at him. Now who’s satisfied and tickled too? I supposed both of us were, but the look on Vamp’s face was one part cat-who-got-its-cream and one part mesmerized. The competitive part of me hated to think that he had won the war, but was it really worth fighting the war if I ended up with those delectable triple twitches every night by surrendering?

I felt the bed depress and my cocked leg was moved to drape over the back of Cary’s thigh. He moved my hands and pinned them by my head. At that maneuver, I opened both my eyes to find his intently examining me.

After a deep breath, he said in a low voice, “I want to marry you.”

I would not freak out. My eyes slid to the side and then back to him, “Um, did you drink from your dad’s highball glass tonight?”

He smirked and shook his head. The niggle of fear I felt earlier was back except it had grown to a full-blown ache sliding through me. Mom and I were left by my dad when I was still a baby, and no man since had ever wanted to commit to my mother. Maybe that’s why you go for cheaters. You kick them aside before they can love you and leave you. What the fuck? Now really, my thoughts needed to get with me and not try to undermine my sanity. His mother deserted him, but he’s not scared of mentioning marriage. True, but hell, we just got back together.

I took a deep breath and said, “I’m thinking it might be a little too soon, Cary. We just got back together.”

More of his weight descended on me. “I’m thinking it might be six years too damn late. We gotta make up for lost time.”

“Let’s take it one day at a time, and…” I trailed off because I was going to say he could make me his old lady before we tried marriage. The problem was I wasn’t new to the MC world. I knew full well that being an old lady was a higher commitment than a marriage license and wedding bands would ever be. If I was willing to say, make me your old lady first, then any protests to marriage were useless.

About the Author:

Karen Renee is the author of Unforeseen Riot and Inciting a Riot. She has wanted to be a writer since she was eight years old, but it’s taken the last twenty plus years for her to amass enough courage and overall life experience to bring that dream to life.  Some of those life experiences came from the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research.  She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native.  When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.

Connect with Karen:

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