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Review: Perfect Summer by Katie Graykowski

Perfect Summer

Author: Katie Graykowski
Pages: Kindle Edition, 283 pages
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2013


High school teacher Summer Ames is trapped in the nightmare morning from hell. Her alarm clock didn’t go off, she accidentally backed over the rosebush her grandfather gave her grandmother right before he accepted defeat against prostate cancer, she’s wearing clothes she picked up off the floor, and when she opens the door to her classroom, the lights from the TV cameras nearly blind her. She's won Teacher of the Year. But unlike the past winners, she doesn't get a new car or a Hawaiian vacation or even new school supplies, she wins an over privileged quarterback with a bright smile and questionable intentions.

Clint Grayson is an NFL quarterback in need of a reputation makeover. If he has any hope of landing a hundred million dollar endorsement deal, it will take some pretty impressive PR for the public to forget the photos of his battered and bruised ex-girlfriend. In an attempt to polish his tarnished reputation, Clint agrees to be a high school class mentor.

When these two get together all hell breaks loose and they both learn that all is fair in love and football…and winning is just the beginning


While it started quite ok- If you would have asked me around halfway I probably would have given this 2-3Stars. It was very predictable but kinda entertaining. Clint was hot. Summer, kinda witty though her insecurities a bit - well over the top.
But as the story went on, Summer started grating on my nerves more and more.

Every single character was so cliche,that I just was annoyed that I actually read it. But to top that, Summer's insecurities are simply unbelievable and her whining was beyond annoying!
Even Clint's hotness couldn't safe this one, well not only that, his hotness kinda faded as the book went on and he became kinda dorky and well quite unattractive
The subplot- was totally uninteresting and unnecessary- the whole thing just added more annoyance that interest.
And the gay neighbors... though fun they were.. well as I said before cliche.
Last chapter was so beyond anything, I wanted to throw my kindle on the wall! I mean it was soooo over the top, but also soooo annoying. All the last minute drama, all the whining, all the .. just everything! BLEH!!!

Why on earth did I just spend my precious reading time on this?!

So basically this is the love child of Jerry Maguire, dangerous minds, Bridget Jones and some other ridiculous sports hottie falling for the girl next door movie... so total chickflick/chicklit territory. Oh and yes, I am aware that this is a foursome, a meange a quatre (as it was called in Perfect Summer) but this much drama could not have been conceived through normal love making! Really, trust me. It would be completely impossible. IF you do however like this kind of a thing, it has some witty moments and the writing style wasn't bad- so you probably will enjoy Perfect Summer. I on the other hand...
Let's just put it out there: I don't watch chickflicks- cause well, they not my thing- and I will in future steer clear off the chicklits as well. Lesson learnt- aaand moving in on.

Just on last thing: can someone reimburse those three hours I wasted reading this please? I could sure need it for some good reading.


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