Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The BEA break... hiatus..thingy

SO the good news: I am attending BEA in New York and Glam is meeting Maya Banks, Nailini Singh and others at an event in Belgium
NOW straight to the bad news... this means we are going to take a kinda hiatus till after BEA.
This means basically for the next couple of weeks, blogging will be a rather irregular even for the Closet Geeks.
We are part of a blog tour on 28th- but it might be the only post for this month.. basically what we are saying, while we busy galavanting and stalking meeting our favorites authors we are going to be totally unreliable bloggers.
BUT we will be back in June with some awesome Kiss&Tell, more reviews and we might even post a pic or two of both events.(or a gazillion if I get my way)
If you happened to go to BEA - say hi! I wanna meet loads and loads and loads of people!

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