Monday, May 4, 2015

Fanfics : TeenWolf

Ella's Guide To Fanfics


Ah, the world of fanfics! Never thought it'd be so immersed in it, but here I am completely addicted to TeenWolf fanfics and currently the best of friends with AO3, where I get my fanfic fix :)

My current addiction started like any other. That damn curiousity that killed the poor cat. In this case, I'd been missing TeenWolf (because it's a damn awesome show! Crappy CGI notwithstanding) since it was in between seasons and a fanfic showed up on my Goodreads feed, so I read the synopsis, it had Stiles and Derek (My favorite characters), and it just went downhill from there.

That first fateful fanfic was No Homo by RemainNameless, and it was awesome. Beware, it's really porny, but awesome xD Since then I've read WAY too many fanfics to try and list them all so I'll just be listing my top 5 of all time.

The main things I look for in my fanfic is for Derek and Stiles to be in character and this is actually harder than it seems even if there is a show they are based on. Its hard to capture their essence, but when done right, it's just lovely. Second top thing, is the world, because while I do read ones where there are no werewolves, I prefer when they are part of the story. And lastly, the writing of course, but I think that goes hand in hand with the characterization and world building.

With that said, my favorite fanfic author and top fanfic of all time is:

Lock All the Doors Behind You by EntangledNow

  • This fic is amazing. I think my fascination stems from how raw and pure their relationship forms. It's all purely based on fierce loyalty and protectiveness. Entangled does such an amazing job at capturing Stiles and Derek too. I've gone through basically everything she has written for TW, because she is just that good.
Hagalaz series by TheHatterTheory

  • This fic has the best goddamn world building ever! And the characters! GAH. It has 5 parts with the biggest being 214k words. This is no lightweight fanfic, which I'm utterly glad for because it made the awesome last that much longer. Definitely recommend.
We've Written Volumes (in Blood and Scars and Ink) by Notthequiettype
  • Another one with excellent world building and characterization. Gimmie fight scenes and creature features!
Now for some heartbreaking ones, because I'm a sucker for pining and suffering.

  • This had SO MUCH pining, but so damn good! It broke my heart how Derek kept watching Stiles from afar and didn't think he was any good for Stiles and just D:
  • Look, I'm not a crier by any stretch of the definition. But this fic hit me right in the feels! That ending, omg. I was dying. There were actual tears coming out of my eyes. Damn good fic. Also the writing is fantastic cause as it turns out DiscontentedWinter = Lisa Henry. One of my fave m/m authors, so it worked out pretty damn well.
I have also read A LOT of fluff, cause you can never have too much fluff, specially not when it comes to these two :)

If you haven't watched TeenWolf you need to get on that ASAP because Tyler Hoechlin *shirtless* and the amazing acting by Dylan O'Brien. Seriously, you guys need to get on that.


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