Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12 NA Novellas

I love short-stories/novellas, they your quick fix when you don't feel like committing to an entire book. (Yep my commitment issue's do run that deep sometimes). Also it gives you insight to a new authors writing style. - the most important thing in a book for me- Saying this I also got to say that many novellas out there kinda miss the point of novellas. A short story is build differently than a full length novel and many authors these days seem to not know that, in fact I sometimes feel like novella's are published to bring in some more cash, because their existence can't be justified at all. But then there are others that wow me and leave me amazed! Like Brandon Sander's Legions or Hemingway's Snow on Kilimanjaro. In fact in both cases they are one of my favorite pieces of these authors.
So when I saw the ad for the 12 NA's for Christmas. I had to check them out.
The relatively new genre kinda has me interested. It's close to YA after all. But very often it's romance. And I am still not sure how I feel about Romance novels. True I do enjoy the cute and fluffy. And I like PNR. My favorite book I read this year is Sea of Tranquility- a romance novel- but I am still.... testing the field. Because very often I don't think: "oh how romantic"- no! I feel:" really? that's what people want?", I also tend to get annoyed rather than wooed. So long story short: I am a difficult customer.  I am seriously picky and choosy when it comes to romance. Mostly I don't believe in insta-love or insta-lust. The one and only... uhm well, nah-uh.  Not my cup of tea. Don't let me get started on love-triangles or worse cheating... seriously let's just NOT go there.
Despite what some of my GR friends might say- I don't mind smut...(yeah I'm NOT a prude) I am just kinda picky about that as well. I want good smut. Not  quantity, QUALITY. (Hey I did say I'm difficult to please, didn't I)

But despite that I went and got all of them.  Yep! I did. (Well except the one of H.M. Ward, it hasn't been published yet) Because I kinda like the idea of testing the genre and these are 12 Authors who have written rather well liked novels. So I thought why not? Let me give it a try.
After my shopping spree, I was a bit taken aback by my own impulsiveness. I mean 11 Novellas? All Romance? Uhm, yeah I felt rather brave.So I decided to read them all and review some of them each week until Christmas. Who knows, I might discover I am the romance type?
(Do wish me luck!) 

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  1. Good luck! :P On top of that we got ARCs. :D Wish they got a box set of it. I plan to read them too. :)



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