Friday, February 14, 2014

Battle of Book Boyfriends

So I got a little confession to make, when Kelly Oram asked which one of her hotties was my favorite, it took me a while to decided. Because well, they all hot. And let's just be honest right here right now, all of us girls want them to be hot. The whole they have be inwardly beautiful- is not quite as important in books as in real life- Ok ok, we said we gonna be honest. It's the first category they have to fulfill. If they not hot, they don't even make the list. So dillema number one: they all hot.
Now my dilemma number two: *whispers* I haven't read all of Kelly's books I uhm found myself not as well inform about all the characters as I would like to be.

So at the time Kelly asked.. I only had Gabriel, Ryan, Russ to chose from. I had read the Jamie Baker books and Chameleon at that stage.
Which made it a no brainer....Yeah seriously! And let me just warn you!  I am not below slinging mud at the competition! Because lets face is; Russ is a jerk. He bulldozed over Danielle. Was totally arrogant and self-absorbed, unsupportive and did I mention a jerk? So let's just forget about him.
Ryan.. well he is a douche, with a few redeeming qualities- BUT he still is a douche. I don't do the douche-boys how ever hot (Yes he is hot, BUT they ALL are) or however redeeming they might be in book 2- besides the others hadn't gotten their second book chance yet. And Gabriel doesn't need his second book chance. He is HOT, I mean tattoo on his back?... oh so hawt!  
Standing in the moonlight with just his low slung pj bottoms?.. *fans herself* hot hot hot!
Hush! I know they all are. BUT he has a TATTOO! that makes me that much hotter.
Then is is supportive, generous, sweet and stands by Danielle no matter what. Ok, so confession number three: he might be a tad to goody goody but I plan to change that  when it matters he snaps out of it and becomes hard ass

So *drumroll* 

Gabriel it is!
Vote for GABE people...

Now since that fatefull day I made my choice, I have read Being Avery Shaw..which became my favorite Oram book so far, *grumbles* and I adore Grayson
SO should Grayson win I'd be happy as well.

Still vote for Gabriel!

And I will promise to read all the other Oram novels asap, staring Monday with Ungifted!
 You can find more about the battle here

OH wait! I got better news!
There is a giveaway!
Yep! You could be one of the lucky people who gets to read about Grayson in a signed Avery Shaw Experiment Copy!

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