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Review: The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Need by Deborah Wilde

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Need

Author: Deborah Wilde
Publisher: Te Da Media
Series: Nava Katz #3
Pages: Kindle Edition, 428 pages
Genre: PNR
Release Date: August 18th 2017


Less Hopelessly Devoted, more Worse Things I Could Do.

Nava is hot on the heels of a demonic serial killer and finally working with her brother. The assignment should be a dream come true, not a nightmarish power struggle made worse by her twin's refusal to believe there's corruption within the Brotherhood. Nava is determined to find proof of their dirty dealings, even as she risks irrefutably breaking her sibling bond.

Speaking of clocking annoying males upside the head... Nava is also totally over smoking hot rock star and fellow hunter Rohan Mitra. There is a veritable buffet of boy options out there, and this girl is now all-you-can-eat. So when her demon hunt brings her first love, Cole, back into her life, her revenge fantasies for closure-on all fronts-are a go. Except neither her old wounds nor her new ones are as healed as she believes.

Still, she's got work to do:
Brotherhood: unmask.
Demons: slaughter.
Guy problems: terminate with extreme prejudice.


This was so frustrating.. can I have the next book please?

Let's cut to the chase. I wanted to smack Nava. Hard. Quite a bit. The romance? Bloody infuriating one way ticket to frustration-ville. But I so enjoyed this book.
It's my favorite in the series not because of the plot or the romance but because I loved, nay adored the character building.
Book 3 picks up one months after book 2 and you get thrown right into the deep end. Lots of action and emotional dramas.
I was a bit annoyed by Nava and Rohan's situation. Okay, allot annoyed. One thing became really clear really fast however Nava needs to let go and start listening. I found her behaviour really frustrating. Pointing fingers, while doing the exact same thing. But she does get her act together, she does try and see someone else's perspective and I love how she resolves things in the end.
We get to see the twins in action together in this book and I love their codes and language, just as much as their disagreements. I think Wilde shines in this, their relationship feels real and tangible. Having siblings I know how one can at the same time be a total odd but love each other beyond anything. The bond between them, feels real.
The same goes to all the different relationships between the main cast. The issues between friends, the Rasha men views of life.. those details are brilliant and make the characters realistic, way more than in the previous books I connected to the crew. I care about them and can't wait to see what they up to next.

The plot is captivating, lots of action and plenty of dramas. But I feel a bit short changed when it comes to both mysteries. Neither was actually solved. Well the one case kinda was, but it is still open ended. The other, we got given so little, way to little. Yet I am not unsatisfied, because there is some closure and I can't wait to hopefully find out more on the mystery in the next book.

The writing style is witty and imaginative, I love it. Yet at times it felt a bit generic- some of the dialogues were a bit like good old classics from 80s blockbusters, especially at the beginning of the book. While I don't mind it much, it also isn't my favorite thing. Thankfully there are plenty of good dialogues and moments around, so the good outways the bad.

The world building was interesting. I actually would have liked some more. Lots of the world building was done in the previous books, there are some new additions, yet those weren't quite enough for me.
However those new additions were imaginative and fun - and just like with the rest of the book, I want more!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even if it was frustrating and heartbreaking at times. It is also swoony, exciting and insightful. My favorite in the series so far and I can't wait to get my hands on the next installment.


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