Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Southpaw by Raen Smith


Author: Raen Smith
Series: South Boys #1.5
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: February 15, 2014


I fight because I have no other choice. I fight because it’s in my blood.

Given Name: Kelly James Black
Nickname: “The Dude”
Born: Madison, Wisconsin
Age: 24
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 205 lbs
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight
Record: 12-0-0
Relationship Status: Train wreck

Meet MMA fighter and Piper Sullivan's roommate extraordinaire, Kelly Black, in this South Boys Novella. This story takes you on Kelly's Black journey to love and overcoming a broken past. Approximately 24,000 words, it can be read as a standalone or for more enjoyment, can be read along with Southbound Surrender.


When I read Southbound Surrender, I was mostly taken by Smith writing style. I mean I REALLY liked it. So I was excited to get my hands on to Kelly's story.
And my first thought, after I finished? Damn, that was too short!

This is set before Southbound, though it is a follow up novella and it works as a standalone. If you have never read anything by Smith. My advise give this a try!

The writing style is again, just fabulous! With Southpaw Smith has cemented out a place in my reader-heart. In fact I already checked if there will be anther sequel, but so far sadly, I couldn't find any evidence for one.

The plot is less Hollywood blockbuster and way more subtle than Southbound. Are there still some cliche romance plots? Yeah, there are, but this is a romance novel after all, so well, there needs to be some drama and definitely dates and banter and well there is some insta-lust as well.
But all of it is done, well, beautifully. I guess the therapy scene is rather a tinseltown move. Let me put this just out there- someone should make these books into movies! They the kind of romances I would totally watch. Let me tell you this is quite an admission- I'm not easily swayed into going to watch ChickFlicks- just ask my girlfriends! - I'm more of a kickass-action kind of a girl.
Southpaw, has many little details, I enjoyed. I loved their non-dates and how Kelly realizes - to his shock he wants somehow more than just one night.

The character building is my favorite part, again!
This is written from Kelly's POV. Just like in Southbound, I feel like I know Kelly now. His voice is so distinctly different from Cash-way more intense and also more arrogant.  Seeing Piper from Kelly's POV, is amazing-she suddenly is more caring, feisty sister than mysterious siren. In fact after reading this, quite a lot of her behavior in Southbound make more sense. It was seriously nice reading about her again,

Oh and slightly off topic- did you notice the cover? Yep, pweety! isn't it? *Grins* I have to say South Boys sports very nice covers.

So this is a really good 4Stars, just wish it was a tad bit longer. And more importantly I wanna know who is next! And when can I get my hands on it?
A must read for lovers of the genre!


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