Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The First Kiss Hypothesis

Author: Christina Mandelski
Publisher: Entangled: Crush
Genre: YA
Release Date: November 6th 2017


Nora Reid believes scientific laws control everything, even love. With her grandparents’epic first kiss story cemented in her brain, Nora develops a hypothesis she’s determined to prove:for each person in the world, there is exactly one other person, and at first kiss, they’ll experience an immediate and intense reaction.

But after four years of zero-reaction kisses, she comes up with a new theory: maybe that pesky crush on her stunningly hot best friend Eli Costas is skewing her results.

She needs to get rid of him, and fast.

Eli Costas is an injury-prone lacrosse star with a problem—the one chance he had at winning over the girl next door resulted in the most epically sucktastic first kiss ever. And now she’s...trying to get rid of him? Hell no. It’s time to disprove her theory and show her exactly what she’s missing.

Game. On.

Disclaimer: This book contains a stunningly hot lacrosse player who isn’t above playing dirty to win over the stubborn girl-next-door of his dreams.


The First Kiss Hypothesis is a perfect cute & fluffy. It has a interesting, sporty & sweet hero and a fun, intelligent, likable heroine.
This is the first novel I read by Madelski, I really enjoyed her writing style and her wit. While she doesn't dwell too much on issues, she does dig deep enough to give it some weight. It's not just fluff, there is a wee bit more to this.
The story line is swoony, sweet and fun. I mean the outcome is kinda clear. But the ride there is thoroughly enjoyable.
The past part however for me was the character building. I loved the dual POV. I like Nora. Though until about halfway or so, I couldn't relate to her stupid outlandish theory. But with time, I could see her fears, and not only got where she was coming from I related to her. My heart broke for her...
Eli? Well I simply adore him. He is just what I would want in a book boy friend (if we talking 17yr olds lol) Hot, a sporty, sweet, insightful (most of the time, when he isn't clueless like every male out there) passionate and funny. I loved his POV. Totally fangirling here. He had me from the get-go. And while there were moments, where I thought, why doesn't he bloody do something, I am a fan. I am swooning.
Now having done my fangirling act, let's take a quick look why this isn't a 5Star book for me:
I like that it is in some ways unique- but let's face it it's your classic cute & fluffy mostly. Very very enjoyable, but no-one is re-inventing the wheel here.
Though I did like the storyline, the last couple of chapters were just too convenient. We had this huge build up and then...Boom! Everything falls into place. Done. Well actually there is the epilogue which is why this is wasn't 3.5Stars. Because let's face it, it is awesome and a great finish.

A perfect read for an autumn afternoon, when you feel like something cute & fluffy. It will make you laugh, disappeared and yearn. I don't think I was ever so desperately waiting for a kiss, like ever.



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