Sunday, December 29, 2013

ARC Challenge Week

Lexie @Fastidious Reader and I had come to the conclusion that we need to get a grip on our ARC load last week and decided that we will read two ARC and review them each week until the end of the year. Lexie decided her challenge will be at least one. I've been trying to stick for the two. The reviewing part is a bigger challenge for me than the reading.
This is the last Review Challenge Week and I am seriously grateful Lexie joined me in this venture. While I was not that great at in some ways, I have taken on the writing a review quite immediate approach with ARCs. See my problem is I like to think over books before I write a review and I got a really good memory so I can think on it for a while... but then I get caught up in RL. And that review gets onto my procrastinating list. I got quite a list of reviews I got to catch up with actually and I will do so in the new year hopefully. But I am planning to keep this reviewing - the latest on the next day practice. It works best!

This weeks ARCs:

If you wanna join us leave the links for your ARC reviews of this week here!

Finishing this challenge kinda left me wondering if I should just go on next year? And then Lexie came up with a bunch of challenges for 2014 she signed up on... And I decided to join her, with all of them. LOL! I will let you know which ones in a few days.

THANK YOU Lexie for being my Challenge Buddy!! I am looking forward to many more of these in the future


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  1. I won't be doing joining any challenges in 2014 for now. Btw, I react just like you - if I don't write the review right after I finish the book, I postpone it indefinitely and it just gets more and more difficult to write it. This challenge did help me stay on track and I will try to keep the momentum in the next year as well :)



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